Meet You In Jerusalem Trivia


  • The women in the conference room are eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking tea. The twins always edit with chocolate chip cookies and tea close at hand.
  • Sarah came up with the idea of a narrative documentary after watching Twelve Angry Men. She required that Emma watch it with her to prepare for filming. Now it is one of Emma’s favorite films.
  • The original plan for the film was for it to be an ordinary documentary, but problems with sound and “hitchy” footage made the twins reconsider.
  • In preparing to submit to their first film festival, the twins spent many days debating whether the film should be entered as a documentary or a narrative.
  • The title “Meet You In Jerusalem” came after a comment made by the twins’ history teacher the last day of Gila’s visit. Their teacher was planning to take a group of students to Jerusalem that summer and had just finished arranging to meet Gila there.
  • The conference scene was filmed at the Rose Law Firm in the same room that the twins used to interview David Martin for their third documentary, Return to Sender.

  • The twins’ mother collects teapots and kindly lent one for the conference room table when they needed something to hide the microphone.   
  • Although Sarah wrote a script for the movie, she encouraged the actors to ad-lib so they wouldn’t sound so rehearsed.
  • The entire conference scene was filmed in only four hours.
  • One of the participants had to leave halfway through the filming. Almost the entire shot list had to be scrapped and rewritten only an hour before filming was scheduled to start.
  • Two cameras were used to film the conference scene: the twins’ standard Panasonic (nicknamed Mindy) and a new camera bought specifically for the film (nicknamed Mork.) The twins didn’t know it at the time, but the cameras were of radically different quality that no amount of post-work could fix.
  • The film broke the twins’ four year winning streak at the T Tauri Film Festival.

  • The original script called for seven women in the conference room, but the last one couldn’t make it to the filming.

  • The entire film was edited in only four days during the twins’ spring break.